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NEWSTAR STONE  are the one of leading exporter and manufacturer of Stone in China. We offer hundreds of choices in all products categories including all kinds of finished products in granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, slate, andesite, lava and Artificial Quartz and Marbles and other Building stone, Landscaping Stone series.
The Headquaters of Newstar Stone is located in Fujian ,China. We carry a large selection of quarried stone from many areas of the world  including China, Spain, India, Brazil, Turkey, Italy,Africa, Latin-America, and more countries, our own factories and cooperated factories distributed in Southern, Northern, Western of China. We are pleased to offer all stones products in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures; All products are exported to 80 more countries, such as America,Canada, Latin-America, Middle-east, Asia, Poland, Czech, Russia ,Finland, Normay(more European countries), and nigeria, South-Africa, Ghana (more Africa countries), suitable for wolesales, builder, homeowner, retailer etc. No matter where you come from, Newstar Stone still try all best service you with our whole hot heart and supply best products.
Our Stones series
 * Tiles & slabs ( Granite, Marble, Travertine, Sandstone,limestone etc)
 * Prefabricated Custom kitchen, bathroom, Countertops, Vanity, Island tops, Tub surrounds,Soap Dishes, etc
 * Prefabricated Custom stone series for Hotel, condo, apartment Projects etc, such as Window sill, Vanity tops, Countertops, Islandtop, bar tops, night-tables,coffee tables, registration desk, and tub surrounds (shower panels), soap dishes, Landscaping water fountain, door surround, window surround, Columns and professional Natural stone tiles for Hotels.
 * Stone Sinks &  Stone Basins
 * Stone Mosaic series- Granite Mosaic, Marble Mosaic, Slate Mosaic,Travertine mosaic ,Limestone Mosaics, Sinks Mosaic etc
 * Landscaping Stone series, covers Water fountain Balls, fireplaces, Column, railing &banister,Tombstone,Sculpture, carving products,Medallion and Pattern etc
 * Building Stone Series,covers Cobblestones, Paving Stone, steps & Stairs,Risers etc.
 * Artificial Stone Series, covers, tiles, slabs, Quartz ,light wall etc.

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