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Newstar Slate is one of leading Branch of Newstar Stone, Newstar Slate has consistently produced top grade slate for all kinds of decoration and buildings. With the professional technology in slate mining and processing, we rapidly take great share in slate business around world. Devoted in new products development, our products includes natural slate ,natural quartz, natural sandstone, natural limestone and other series, covers all kinds of slabs and tiles, flooring tiles, walling tiles, roofing slate, slate mosaic, Cultured slate, slate billiard,slate medallion, slate table etc

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Slate & QuartziteNewstar Stone is an main exporter and manufacturer,factory of china slate floors tiles, roofing slate tile, cladding tiles pavers, roofs slate, wall cladding tiles, Chinese slate products , natural slate, paving slate etc with good products.

Color Textures | Flooring Slate tile | Ledge Slate (culture slate) | Slate Pillar | Walling Slate | Flagstone Slate | Slate Mosaic | Tumbled Slate | Meshed Slate | Slate Billiard | Slate Pattern | Quartzite Series | Mushroom-shape Slate | Roofing Slate

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Sandstone ProductsChina supplier of Sandstone tiles, sandstone flooring tile, sand stone slab, sandstone cladding tiles, sandstone products,stone, sand stone floor tiles, sandstone tiles sand stone tiles supplier, sand stone tiles manufacturers, sandstone tiles exporter, sandstone tiles india, sandstone floor tile, sand stone flooring tiles, sandstone tile, sandstone floor tile, sand stone seller, highreplicawatches, sandstone producers, sandstone distributors.

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Travertine & LimestoneNewstar stone supply various travertine in beige, yellow, white, red colors and have travertine tiles, travertine slabs, travertine tops,travertine countertops, travertine vanity, travertine fireplace, travertine tile and slabs.

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Andesite and lavaNewstar Stone supply paving stone, china basalt ,andesite tiles, lava stone, bluestone, limestone,travertine , sandstone with natural surface, flamed surface, honed and filled stone, tumbled stone etc with best price and top quality.

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